About RoboBusiness Europe

RoboBusiness Europe CEO Marianne Andersen

RoboBusiness Europe CEO Marianne Andersen

RoboBusiness Europe is the gathering place for all who thrive on the business of robotics. It’s where business gets done: on the exhibit floor, during conference sessions and throughout all of our networking functions that take place all year round. Begin by joining our next event in RoboValley, Delft, the Netherlands in April 2017.

robtrendsrobtrends1Together with RoboBusiness USA and media companies Robotics Business Review and Robotic Trends, RoboBusiness Europe is part of EH Publishing  headquartered in Boston, USA.

More than ever, robotics is everyone’s business. Whether you are building, using, or investing in robotics, RoboBusiness Europe is the place to gain actionable insights infot robotics’ biggest opportunities and while expanding your business network.

Meet the people who are shaping robotics tech through our extensive network or join our yearly events.

With 5 years of continuous growth RoboBusiness Europe reaches across global markets, connects the industry and enables robotics innovation to grow and thrive. We have succeeded in connecting people from all over the world with robotics as their common interest. We continue to connect everyone from students to doctors, suppliers to entrepreneurs, business people to health care workers etc.

Successful International events count:

2013: Genoa/ Italy
2014: Billund/ Denmark
2015: Milan/ Italy
2016: Odense/ Denmark
And in 2017 Delft/ the Netherlands (register for the 2017 event)


RoboBusiness Europe serves as a catalyst for promoting business development within the robotics industry and IoT. Our purpose is to bring together people from around the world to share ideas, discoveries and breakthroughs that stimulate the advancement of the robotics /IoT industry.

RoboBusiness forges alliances with industry leaders, entreprenurial start-ups, research institutions and end users to ensure that cutting-edge knowledge is shared across disciplines and made accessible to the public at large.


RoboBusiness Europe is on a mission to connect people that focus on what´s new and important to the community of robotics and to be known as the most influential, catalyzing force within the robotics/IoT industry worldwide by 2020.


RoboBusiness Europe APS is an independent company owned by Marianne Andersen, Blue Ocean Robotics and EH Publishing.