Let’s do RoboBusiness!

RoboBusiness Europe 2016 lives up to our name – the ‘Robo’ as well as the ‘Business’ part of it. Bringing tech together with business is our business and that is why you will meet people from both worlds at the conference.

One of our exhibitors from the business world is accounting firm BDO from Odense. Anders Schweitz Jensen, Partner and state authorised public accountant at BDO, has been working with several of Odense’s start-up tech companies and has deep insight into the industry.

And that is exactly why Bilge Jacob Christiansen, CEO and founder of Odense based robot company, On Robot, chose Anders as his accountant. Anders has helped the company right from the start, and Bilge frequently calls on him for professional feedback and to test new ideas and potential business opportunities for the company:

”It is important that your accountant is a person that you can trust and who is always ready to help. That is exactly what Anders is. He is committed to my business and accommodates his work to the size of our company. A true interest in our industry and our company is vital for our development. I always ask his advice and find it natural to involve him in our success,” said Bilge Jacob Christiansen.

Anders explains: ”I am truly committed to our working relationship. I like to keep up with what is happening in the industry and be able to spot new market potentials for companies like On Robot. It is a great joy to go to work each day and have the honour of being a part of something as exciting as this,” said Anders Schweitz Jensen.

Source: http://www.bdo.dk/om-bdo/aktuelle-kampagner/on-robot/