Name: Robert High
Title: CTO
Nationality: American
Company: Watson Solutions

More information:

Twitter: @rhigh

Do you remember back in 2011, there was a published winner on the show Jeopardy that defeated All human competitors. It wasn’t a human. It was a supercomputer, called “Watson”. Watson was developed by the IBM Software Group and had a very successful debut on Jeopardy. As an Industry Leader, Robert High (Rob High) has been putting a lot of effort into developing artificial Intelligence. RoboBusiness Europe 2016 has invited Rob High to talk about AI (artificial Intelligence).

Proffesional Background

Robert High is an IBM Fellow, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Watson Solutions, IBM Software Group. He has the overall responsibility to drive Watson Solutions technical strategy and thought leadership. As a key member of the Watson Solutions Leadership team, Robert High works collaboratively with the Watson engineering, research, and development teams across IBM. He has 37 years of programming experience and has worked with distributed, object oriented, component-based transaction monitors for the last 26 years, including SOMObject Server, Component Broker, and the WebSphere Application Server. Rob previously served as Chief Architect for the WebSphere foundation with architectural responsibility for the WebSphere Application Server and the related products integrated on that core runtime.

Prior to joining the Watson Solutions team, Rob was Chief Architect for the SOA Foundation and member of the IBM Academy of Technology. Rob championed an open industry architectural definition of the principles of business and IT alignment enabled by SOA and Business Process Optimization, as well as ensuring IBM’s software and services portfolio is architecturally grounded to enable for efficient SOA-based solutions. This responsibility extended across the IBM software portfolio, including WebSphere, Rational, Tivoli, Lotus, and Information Management offerings.

Academic Background

Rob High graduated with a BA in Information Science from University of California, Santa Cruz in 1981.